Devin Hayden

Kid Author

Meet Lucky Boots' youngest creative and kid author! Devin Hayden is the daughter of Dionna L. Hayden. If she looks familiar it's because she is the real life version of Devin from The Cookie-Flower Rock Kids; a series created in her likeness along with her twin sister Kyla and little brother Kris-Alex.

Devin was born July 25, 2005 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Devin is great at art and music. In her spare time, she throughly enjoys reading, playing chess, and learning Chinese! When she gets older, she looks forward to becoming a therapist to help others. At the age of 7, Devin began writing her own books for fun. Now, she is the proud author of her very own published book, Devin's Dress as a first time author with her mom by her side as illustrator.